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Support for Microsoft Outlook 2010

Power packed with the various new features, Microsoft Outlook 2010 is more than just an e-mail application. Now it is possible to group conversations which include messages from all folders. The new improved To-Do bar is capable of showing the number of appointments that are not visible when space is limited. Conversation view is another feature which enables in viewing, tracking and managing related messages, regardless of the folder that contains the messages.

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There is also the Mail Tips alert that can be used while sending out sensitive or classified information over the mail within the specified contact group. With Social Connector, you can expand your social network and stay up-to-date without exiting from Outlook.

The new features and tools are impressive but applying the same can be a little complicated. You may have questions like: How to use these new features? How to create a specified contact list? How to retrieve lost mails and contacts? Where to seek technical help? How to find a reliable technical support for Microsoft Outlook 2010? The answer is Qresolve.

Seeking help with new Microsoft Outlook 2010 is easy with Qresolve. Features such as, account management options, organizing address book, using the Microsoft Outlook connector tool can be easily configured by opting our technical help. If you are facing problems with attachments, virus issues, creating distribution lists, meeting reply commands, then immediately dial us and our experts will take care of it all. With us you can also seek help on tools like conversation view, setting Mail Tip alerts and using Social connector.

Call 1888-977-3765 now and talk to our Live Tech Expert.


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