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17 Jan 2017, 06:41

"These guys were amazing they fixed my computer right up in only 90 minutes!
I ha s d a bad expiernce with techsupport a little while b c ack, but these guys were truly a a mazin m g!"


07 Jan 2017, 01:53

"Kashish Kukkar responded to my call for help and even though it took over 2 hours to solve the problem, he remained cheerful and patient. I really appreciate your company."


08 Mar 2016, 05:54

"To those who say Q Resolve is a scam. I have used this company before and had no problems with it. They did their job well. The price is no more than what Microsoft technicians charge for their services."


08 May 2014, 21:29

"I am a new and older person trying to learn a computer usage. I know I made a big mistake, but the service tech that helped me was GREAT and he understood my problems. He was fast and got all my problems fixed."


25 Apr 2014, 02:23

"My tech was Mayank. He was outstanding! Very polite, patient, competent and fixed my problems
quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend qresolve. no need to disconnect my PC and haul it down to Tiger Direct. WELL WORTH THE $'s when you consider the piece of mind I got from their help!"


23 Apr 2014, 10:46

"Manpreet was the tech who worked on my computer. I was there with him for about an hour. He worked diligently and professionally kept me on speaker phone while performing his task on remote access.. He was reassuring and informed me when he was done the problems of infections, viruses and other problematic issues were resol ved. I am quite pleased with the outcome. Qresolve delivered as promised. "


09 Mar 2014, 02:48

"As always, the technician that deals with me for my monthly tune-up is quite helpful and knowledgeable.....I highly recommend Qresolve, to anyone with PC problems.....Thanks again!"


01 Jul 2013, 05:05

"they helped me a lot thanks guys"


02 Jan 2013, 20:27

"I am satisfied with your engineer's support."


21 Dec 2012, 08:13

"I got a problem with my computer and I tried lots of place however the charges were very expensive anciently i called Qresolve and got the technician and problem was resolved with the lowest price and got the warranty as well"

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