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In this technology dependent world the digital lifestyle of a consumer is defined by the gadgets owned and iPhone is one such essential gadget. It is not just staying connected but also the unique features and hundreds of apps that it offers to the user. You can best utilize the features by downloading iTunes, setting up FaceTime, getting an app and setup a Wi-Fi connection. 

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Qresolve offers expert technical support for iPhone to enable you for downloading new apps, discovering its functionality, utilizing and installing software, arranging music library, managing contact list, video files management, accessing Internet and configuring iTunes. Configuring, utilizing and smooth running of applications require the support of an expert. Getting the right help for handling any issues related to the iPhone is an absolute necessity for every iPhone user.
Moreover even if you are not able to find the necessary apps, you still can seek help. You can get your phone to sync with iTunes and also get it customized.
Are you wondering about where to seek technical help available 24x7 and how to get all issues addressed instantly? Get in touch with Qresolve technical experts. No matter what the issue is, as soon as you get in touch with us we will conduct a remote scan of your iPhone and diagnose the problem.

We guide you with:

  • Resolving issues of frozen screen or unresponsive iPhone
  • Security settings and unlock code help
  • Internet connection
  • Air print setup and troubleshooting
  • Launching and syncing to iTunes
  • Backup for music and video
  • Configure music library
  • Help with password setup
  • Setup of home sharing
  • Utilizing photo editing features
  • Configure e-mail settings
  • Home screen customization
  • Utilizing FaceTime feature
  • Managing contacts
  • Setting reminders and alarms

Our technical assistance is readily available round the clock to make your iPhone usage a pleasant experience.


Call 1888-977-3765 now and talk to our Live Tech Expert.

Qresolve, owned by Quatrro Inc is an independent third party online tech support service provider for software, hardware and peripherals, and it categorically proclaims that the company doesn’t own any of the brands it supports. The services offered by Qresolve are also available on the website of the brand owners. Qresolve hereby disclaims any sponsorship, partnership, affiliation or endorsement regarding any such third party trademarks and brand names and also proclaims that the use of such terms including third party trademarks and brand names by Qresolve is only referential in nature and it essentially doesn’t imply any business related association and partnership.
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