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NTFS/FAT Recovery

NTFS is also known as New Technology File System and it is the standard file system of the different versions of Windows. NTFS has superseded the FAT. File Allocation Table (FAT) file system is a simple file system that was designed for small disks and simple folder structures. 

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NTFS has several improvements especially for the use of advanced data structures and metadata. This helps improve reliability, performance, disk space utilization and others. In fact its features like disk usage quotas, reparse points, distributed link tracking, sparse file support, file-level encryption have made NTFS a better choice than its predecessors.
Accidental deletion of data is possible when you are using any of the mentioned file systems. Data can be deleted due to a number of reasons but retrieving it poses a challenge. In case you have lost data and you are not being able to recover it, simply place Qresolve a call. Our experts will come to your rescue. Be it your documents or photographs, our technicians are capable of retrieving any valuable data.
Whether it is NTFS/ FAT, Qresolve provides support for recovering your files. Our technical experts are capable of providing the complete solutions for files and data recovery.

Our solutions include:

  • NTFS recovery
  • File recovery
  • NTFS recovery data
  • FAT recovery wipe
  • Dealing with NTFS and FAT file issues
  • NTFS/ FAT recovery security   


Call 1888-977-3765 now and talk to our Live Tech Expert.

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