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Why join Qresolve affiliate program?

Qresolve affiliate program provides you with a unique opportunity to link your website with Qresolve tech support site and earn revenues on all qualifying opportunities generated.

The Qresolve affiliate program enables you to increase your revenues, boost customer loyalty and increase visitor retention.

Unique Features of Qresolve Affiliate Program

Fast and Easy setup – We provide all media inventories including banners, text links, rollovers, towers etc to standard specifications as well as the customized versions available on request.

Unlimited Sales Potential – Place Qresolve ads wherever you want, we don’t have any restrictions on the placements. Better placements mean higher revenues!

Available in all models – Unlike other affiliate program, our affiliate program is available in all models.

  • Cost per click
  • Cost per Acquisition
  • Pay per call

Earn more for every Qresolve sale

Every visitor counts! As a Qresolve affiliate, you earn on every sale that is referred from your website. What’s more, we have a step up commission process for Qresolve products. Our commissions are as high as 30% and our average revenue per sale is $200. Our typical order value is much higher than other product affiliates like books, games, flowers etc.

Success with Qresolve

Qresolve is one of the leading technical support solution providers in North America. We provide support to a wide range of devices and operating systems including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, matchbooks, and much more. Linking to Qresolve demonstrates that you want your customers to get the best value for their dollar.
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